Hey guys, I know I've been away for a while now but I'm back ! So once again I was trying out a look I haven't really done before. The weather as usual, has been quite unpredictable but thankfully, the sun provided light for the duration of the shoot. Enjoy looking through the pictures and … Continue reading CHECKED



Today, I have a short poem for you guys. A poem about happiness: true happiness,our ultimate goal. Besides the little things like wearing red lipstick and sunny days, besides our future goals which will eventually give us happiness, our now happiness. To me, Happiness was peace with yourself Peace of mind,heart and soul. It was … Continue reading HAPPINESS


I finally got a chance to visit the one and only *drum rolls please* ... UHURU PARK. I was quite excited, I must say. I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit then I can get to do the boat ride. Anyway, Sharon and I had a blast shooting. From the couples on the grass … Continue reading MAPACHA SERIES 2: GO GREEN



Hey Guys , I hope y'all are keeping warm. In today's post , I'll be talking about 'The Process' as the title suggests . At the beginning of the week , I came across a video where Idris Elba was interviewing adults ( averagely above the age of 35 ) and he was asking them … Continue reading THE PROCESS



Despite the recent cold rainy weather , I was lucky enough to find a bright sunny day to shoot. So let's hold on to this bright sunny day and remember the warmth that was . For the longest time, I wanted these boots and when I finally found the perfect pair, I was overjoyed . … Continue reading BURGUNDY