The sun is officially back out and I'm so glad. This jumpsuit is one of those go to comfy pieces in my closet that I just love . It has a little of a boho feel to it which I love as well. Lately, I've been loving this handbag a little too much but everything … Continue reading FUN IN THE SUN



Hey guys, I hope you're all having an amazing and productive week. This outfit was inspired by a look book I recently came across on YouTube but I added a personal touch to it. These duster coats have made quite the comeback and I must admit that I'm a little obsessed with them. Enjoy the … Continue reading DUSTER COAT


TRIGGER WARNING : This post may contain sexual violence which may be harmful to trauma victims or people with anxiety disorders. Hey Guys, This post will be a little different compared to most but do continue reading. June is National PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness Month so I thought it would be nice for … Continue reading PTSD