Hey guys, Recently, I decided to revive my self-love/ self discovery journey. It was something I had been working on for most of the year and then got to a really good place then shelved it but now I'm back on track. Consequently, they'll definitely be more talk on the subject on the blog and … Continue reading UNDOING



Hey Guys, So I know I've been pretty inconsistent with the blog for the past one and a half months or so. I'm also aware that I kept saying I thought I was back on days I got the chance to post and now I feel as if I owe you guys an explanation. A … Continue reading IV

Mental Awareness Week: LOVE

Hey Guys, As you all may or may not know, it's Mental Health Awareness Week and instead of sharing my own pieces, I've decided to share 2 anonymous pieces. The piece I'm going to share is about love and I think that's what this week is about: being love and sharing love. The poem is … Continue reading Mental Awareness Week: LOVE