Hey Guys! Lately, the message of self-love has been predominant and that's been great because how we love ourselves teaches others how to love us and loving ourselves enables us to love others. Today however,  I'll be talking a little about interpersonal love: love for and with others. As much as I believe in the … Continue reading LACE & LOVE



Hey Guys! So the last post got a pretty positive response and I'm glad that a bunch of you liked the personal touch I added to it. They'll be a lot more of that up on the blog from now on and I hope you'll enjoy it. Today's post is all about yellow and for … Continue reading JAUNE


Hey Guys, Exactly two weeks ago, I attended the LC Waikiki Store Launch at Two Rivers Mall and it was such an amazing experience. It was my first time to attend a store opening but it was really exciting to be there with some big fashion personalities such as Joy Kendi, Lucia Musau and Beata … Continue reading LC WAIKIKI LAUNCH