Hey Guys! This week I have a guest poetry piece for you. The writer is the talented and very beautiful Bamidélé Malaika and if you'd like to see more of her pieces: @ahren_bami on Twitter. The poem is a sort of letter to herself, similar to what I had spoken about in my last post. Please do … Continue reading FOR ME AND FROM ME



Hey Guys! I can't believe we are actually almost halfway through this year. I do hope that this year has been kind to you so far and if not, that you've grown somewhat.  I know that for most for people, this is usually a time to take stock of how far they are in relation … Continue reading WITHIN


Hey Guys! This week's post is inspired by my #SundaySisterSlay series on Instagram. The pictures were intended to be posts on Instagram but ended up being good enough in quality and quantity to feature on here. If you don't know about this series, it's based on my sister, Sharon, and I's ritual  of wearing a … Continue reading MAPACHA SERIES 4: VERT