I recently travelled with family to one of those places in Kenya that has breathtaking sceneries . During this trip , I got a chance to have a shoot with the beautiful hills in the background . It was a nice getaway with family and the clean fresh air away from the fast city life for a while.

Such beautiful places remind you that there is an amazing God who created all this because , where else could it have come from ?

This looks like one of those photoshopped pictures from google but I actually took this picture and the place was just beautiful !

The shoot was inspired by this gorgeous tribal sweater I thrifted at Toi market for only 300/- Kenyan shillings . I paired the sweater with a tank top I got from Mr.Price and a pair of high waist jeans I bought online from . You can get a pair of jeans like this from Mr.Price in different shades from acid wash to ripped or black.

Enjoy looking through the pictures :



I know this looks like one of those pictures where you’re told to fake laugh for the camera but I was actually being told very funny things . So those are actually different  phases of my laughter.



Love and light ,




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