Hey Guys, The idea for this post sat in my mind for a while before I was able to fully express it and when I did, it just sat in my drafts waiting to be better.  When I stumbled across this video on Youtube, I knew it would be exactly what I needed to inspire me. … Continue reading DO



Hey Guys! Lately, the conversation on here has been about being gentle with self. Another facet of self care that's important however is keeping yourself accountable. Finding the balance between being gentle with self and keeping yourself accountable is something I'm still struggling with but today we'll be focused on the latter. "Like anyone you … Continue reading THE WORK


Hey Guys, Happy New Month of May! I hope you are all keeping warm considering the rain has decided to go on and on this year. Today, I'll be introducing a new segment of the blog that I've thought about for a long time coming and have finally decided to begin. This segment was originally … Continue reading FINDING REST: ONE


Hey Guys, I hope your week is going well so far and you've been enjoying the content I've been putting up for you guys. I recently did some spring cleaning of my physical space and I feel so much lighter. I hope you're doing well too. The first quarter of this year has not necessarily … Continue reading GENTLE


Hey Guys, I hope you are doing well and keeping warm in this rainy weather (for those in Kenya). Today's post is a day late because my schedule has been a little off, thanks for being patient with me. I'll be sharing some formal looks in today's post, as requested by a number of you, … Continue reading BALANCE


Hey guys! This year I've found myself wearing a lot more all black than I usually wear. When a friend pointed this out, I decided that instead of forcing myself to brighten up my outfits, I'd find interesting ways of spicing up the outfits. I've done this in two main ways: wearing interesting accessories and/ … Continue reading NOIR