Photo by Teddy Mageto

Hi, my name is Michelle and this is my bold little corner on the internet ‘Blooming Butterfly’. I started this blog as a space where I could express myself and that was primarily through fashion and now both fashion and writing. For a long time, writing has been central to my ability to exist as freely and boldly as I can and in high school, when I didn’t have time to write, my style became my way of expression, my freedom. This space has therefore become a place where through this expression, I connect with and inspire others because I’m learning that we’re never really alone despite how much we may feel we are. I hope this space becomes a space you feel you belong, of contentment in the becoming, a place of love and kindness.

‘Stories are how we know ourselves, how we understand our relation to others; stories are the lenses that allow us to look at the chaos of the world and see with clarity and wisdom… If some of us tell stories in order to live, others must tell our stories in order to survive.’


  1. Hi Michelle! Eseza here (we met the other day lol).
    Your blog is absolutely amazing!
    I was just wondering how you managed to be able to add posts to pages on WordPress? I wasn’t sure where else to post this question, on your blog. Thanks girl.


      1. Wait- I was making the assumption that you used WordPress to create your website! My bad! What Website did you use to create your blog, then? I’m just starting out with my own blog too 🙂


    1. Also, lol, please delete that previous comment – Just realized I don’t want my email address flying around in the cyber world!


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