So this past weekend , the weather was amazing ! It was one of those beautiful days where you just soak up the sun and everything reminds you that there is a God .

Indeed it was a great weekend filled with family and laughter which was perfect for this staple little white dress . So let me leave this short poem , inspired by the beautiful day, here :

I am an artist :

A poet,

A child of God ,

I am the daughter of a king ,

A princess,

Crowned in His glory

And moulded in His image and likeness

He intricately formed me in my mother’s womb and

I marvel at how beautifully He embroidered me .

So perhaps I have unrealistic expectations,

Dreams too high for you to fathom

But My Maker has greater plans for me

Plans for my future.

You may find this hard to believe

But nothing is impossible for My Maker

And my confession is my possession .

So I confess greatness ,

Because I am His daughter : A princess .

Photography by Sharon Malonza.




Dress – Thrifted from Toi Market.

Bag – Aldo

Choker – Michiko_Art on Instagram.

Lipstick – Ruby woo by MAC .




Special shoutout to my mom for being the real fashonista and funding my wardrobe .

Have a productive week & remember :

‘Perhaps you were born for a time such as this .’ Esther 4:14

Love and Light ,

Michelle .








  1. OMG!!! this is soooo incredibly wonderful n blessing. kudos mitchel you such an Angel. love to mum for wonderful upbringing


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