Today, I have a short poem for you guys. A poem about happiness: true happiness,our ultimate goal. Besides the little things like wearing red lipstick and sunny days, besides our future goals which will eventually give us happiness, our now happiness.

To me,

Happiness was peace with yourself

Peace of mind,heart and soul.

It was not a feeling achieved by a check list

But a state of being

It wasn’t caused  by temporary things

Like money

But by things that mattered,

Mattered to me,

Love, family, friendships, flowers, God…

Those were the things that mattered

The things that would almost always be there

The things that we had passion for

The things that came bursting out of our souls

One, Love: we accepted the love we thought we deserved.

Two, Courage: fifteen seconds of insane courage to just be ourselves.

Three, Poetry: the poems we read to feel understood.

Four, Music: the music we played to forget our thoughts &

Five,Books: the books we read to delve into a different world.

Always try to do good to each other and to all people.” 1 Thessalonians 5:15

Love and Light,




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