As a follow up to last week’s post, today’s guest post is by my twin sister, Sharon Malonza. If you’ve been a reader on the blog for a long time now then you are familiar with our collaborative work on this platform and/ or hers. You may also know her from her Youtube channel on the science of beauty and wellness.

I struggled with what to share for this guest post so I’ll borrow from one of my journal entries: 

I primarily exist in the realm of ideas and theories. This is fun because there are so many topics to explore. (Trust me, I have a list). I’d pick learning about something over actually doing it any day. 

One of the things that brings me the most joy is dancing. I was probably busting a move before I could speak. No video, movie or book about dance comes close to that feeling when I’m moving to Hips Don’t Lie at 7am in the kitchen. 

Lately,I’ve been wondering how many other experiences I’m missing out on because I choose to live in my mind instead of my body. It appears that my primary obstacles to experiential living boil down to two things: fear and attachment.

Fear of: failure, rejection, pain, death, loss, the future, the unknown.

Attachment to: outcomes, who I think I am or could be, loved ones, people’s opinions of me. 

A part of me wants to learn how to get rid of fear and attachment instead of acting in spite of it. And this just proves the point I’m making. I need to get out of my head. I want to live sensually: to see, hear, touch, smell and taste the world. I want to wholly and truly love others and I know that love itself is an experience. 

And you know what? Wanting is not enough. Many of the recent conversations I’ve been having with my inner circle revolve around this. The fatigue of ‘wanting’. It’s great to desire and dream but when do I make these dreams a reality? This is our year of execution. 

So how am I going to execute this? I am tuning into every sensation in and around me. Seeing my noisy dogs through the window, the sound of the birds chirping outside, the feeling of typing these words against a keyboard, the scent of the sausages I made for breakfast and the taste of my morning coffee. 

I am pushing myself to live beyond my brain and dance through life instead. I am actually dancing to Grown Woman by Beyoncé as I write this. Lizzo is calling on me to move to her Tempo so I’ll end this here. I hope you gyrate through your existence too. 



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