So they say the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it because,anything worth having is worth waiting for.

So I had my prom on Friday at the beautiful Radisson Blu in Upperhill. You know how all the movies involving high school show how the little girl grows up and has her wedding all figured out then prom is like the biggest deal (like her pre-wedding yeah ? ) that’s exactly what it was for me.

I had anticipated prom the whole year and I went all out . I even color co-ordinated with my date.DSC_0032


I had a blast to say the least and I loved many of my friends outfits too. You’ll see the pictures below.

They say little things make big days and the dancing , karaoke and the dinner … was just all amazing . The hotel itself was just beautiful and the night was one to be remembered indeed .

Here are a few pictures :IMG_9194Ruth’s dress was just beautiful wasn’t it ? The cut ,the color and the fit was absolutely perfect !


Fiona’s dress (on the left ) – Truworths

I loved how the red looked on Fiona especially because of her skin color . It complemented her very much.

Stephanie’s dress (on the right) – Tailor made her dress.

I loved the chiffon part of her dress as it brought a classy look and the grey braids even mad the look stand out more . I just loved it !

My dress was also tailor made by Mary Onyango located on Riara road . ( If interested please let me know & I will share her contacts )DSC_0111

Beata’s dress- Kipepeo

I loved the lace detail on her dress and the color is just divine . ( No, she is not my twin & yes we look alike . We get that a lot though we don’t seem to see the resemblance )


Ivy’s dress – Tailor made .

Her dress was simple but the color complemented her skin tone amazingly.

My shoes – Steve Maden .


Wambui’s dress – Tailor made.

Her dress was just beautiful . The tulle is a current trend and it made her dress more bubbly and she just looked amazing .



Michelle’s dress – Tailor made .

Her dress was  so classy and made her look like a princess . It was the ideal prom dress .IMG_9221

Prom indeed was a success and I enjoyed every second of it . November 20th 2015 was truly a night to remember thanks to our moms who went out of their way to plan it.

Love and light ,

Michelle .





  1. This is me commenting on this post a whole two years later! Anywaaays I loved Michelle’s dress the most (the red one with mini sleeves), so gorgeous! Been reading your posts backwards to very beginning and you can see how deep I am into it already hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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