So I thought long and hard on what to pick or write about for my  first poetry post . It was of course terrifying seeing as I’m quite reserved about sharing my poetry but for a flower to bloom it must open up and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do … to open up.

Writing a piece or picking one from what I’ve already written then gathering courage to post it , was hard . From writer’s block to being indecisive ; but with a lot of advice , I decided to pick something a bit subtle to begin with to warm you up to my poetry . So as i get comfortable , I’ll share more ‘heavy’,so to speak, poetry .

So here it goes :

And so we listen to high volumes of music,

Enjoy loud places and parties because,

We’d do anything not to hear our thoughts.

Anything but being ourselves, in front of our so called friends

cause we’re just at that place where ,

where all we want to be is ourselves.

Ourselves in both senses : our real persons but also,all alone while we’re at it.

We want to be all alone in our messy rooms

with the music turned way up and forget the problems we think we have ,

the problem we make up ourselves to make us feel alive :

because pain is the only thing that proves we are alive .


Light and love,




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