So for my first post this year, I decided to post a prose and as one of my resolutions for the year, I will try post more poetry and prose on the blog alongside with the fashion .

So this is basically a prose with my thoughts on the 21st century teenagers and how we deal with social media , peer pressure and fitting in on our paths to self discovery . Please read and let me know what you think :


Picture perfect , masks on and smiles plastered on . What we do to make it through when we’re barely hanging on. When we’re still discovering ourselves and trying to forget everything that’s actually going on .

Doing everything to look cool from the themed Instagram to the whole ‘black clothes to match our souls ‘ quotes .


Maybe the themed Instagram is because of our genuine love for photography and maybe our constant criticism of everyone else’s passion because its too ‘mainstream’ is cool but when did passion depend on how overrated it was or if too many people liked it ?

Maybe we actually loved things because we enjoyed them and not because everyone else did and maybe the reason the interest seemed to arise at the same time was because we all need that one courageous person to be the pioneer and inspire the rest of us .

So, NO ! Maybe our love for the same things isn’t because they are ‘cool ‘ or ‘trendy’ but because we just need a little inspiration . Someone with 30 seconds of insane courage , to inspire us to bloom : To bloom and break out of our cocoons.

Love and light,





  1. Really nice piece. Short but has a lot outside its box. It reminds me of how proud I was to be African until everyone became too full of being black that they do not realize they are actually “discriminating” others for not being black.

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    1. Thank you 😀
      & I totally understand what you’re saying . We should understand that we can embrace an idea without making people who are necessarily part of it feel discriminated for not being part of it


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