So this will be my last post from the holidays and then there will be fresh content for the new year . I’m not really sure when this will stop being a ‘new year ‘ but maybe by the next post we’ll have moved on from calling this the new year .

Anyway, to the post … The lighting is not amazing but the location is beautiful and we happened to catch the sunset so it was even better .

Photo Credits : Sharon Malonza


The outfit is casual but its still nice and cute . I really like the shorts because they aren’t the typical minute booty shorts ( not that I have an issue with those ) .



You know those cool pictures where people look like they are levitating objects ? That’s what was supposed to be happening . In the first picture, it was my first very failed attempt but in the second , I  had kinda figured it out and the sand in my left hand looked really cool .


Tank top – Mr.Price .

Shorts – Zara . ( BUT you can get something similar as a skort in black and white at Mr.Price )

Have a fantastic and productive week ahead .

Love and light ,

Michelle .


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