Hello guys !

First , I’d like to say Happy Belated Easter and I hope you enjoyed your long weekend . Second , sorry for the silence last week .

This week , I’m doing a fashion inspiration post  .

1. Other bloggers .

Joy Kendi of has a very comfy and laid back style that literally works for everyone .

Tabitha of is all light and happiness which radiates her beauty from within. She is a hair blogger but her fashion sense is amazing !

Sharon Mundia of has very classy style but also beautiful chic casual .

Shirley Eniang ( ) Her style is simple & just amazing .

2. Pinterest 




3. Street style .

This is inspiration from people you see at the mall or church or just walking on the side of the road .

Those people whose outfits make it hard not to stare .

4. Celebrities .

Olivia Pope in Scandal wears beautiful coats & such simple yet ravishing dresses .

Remember to :

Be the salt & light of the world ✨

Love and Light ,

Michelle .


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