This poem was inspired by a recent sermon in church about how to manage transition . The pastor spoke about how as you go through change you’ll face several difficulties but the difficulties are meant to elevate us .

It is also inspired by the current transition in my life to join university .So here it goes :

Transition . Change . Metamorphosis . Scary .

These words could all be synonyms of ‘teenager.’

Growing up is hard and confusing .

We aren’t sure of why we are doing what we are doing

Or if it’s even the right thing to do

So we’re constantly seeking validation from everyone else

Everyone else who may be or may not be a teenager

But is constantly growing and changing as well.

So the validation is within you .

To transition , to grow , to make mistakes , to learn from them and to evolve to a better you .

To live now , to travel and to make friends .

To follow your dreams now,

To find yourself and take all the time you need,

Because maybe we need to waste some time finding ourselves.

To be comfortable with change because change is our only constant.

Remember that :

His love gives life .’ John 10:10-11

Have a productive week .

Love and Light ,




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