As promised , this is my second post of the week. (Thanks to my creative juices) Once again , this post was inspired by a church sermon this past week. The pastor was talking about why the church has continued to remain in a place of limitation . The reasons he gave were : Ignorance , Lack of Faith and Grasshopper Mentality.  (Grasshopper Mentality is basically seeing yourself small)

So the last two reasons were what stood out for me and inspired this week’s poem. The poem is very personal so I will give you a little background before I get to it.

For the better part of high school, I was really sick and it was one of the most trying times of my life because everything was okay then all of a sudden it wasn’t. It was a very low point of my life because being diagnosed with something that can only be controlled but not cured doesn’t really leave you with any faith .

So in terms of my faith , all the promises and declarations that I (as a child of God ) was supposed to receive felt too good to be true and it didn’t feel like it would ever end BUT it did and I’m better now . It only begun to get better when I started to believe it would and begun to see myself as someone who could overcome . In summary , Positivity goes a long away and so does self confidence .

The poem just explains how it felt and what it was like :

Being sick felt like slow death

It felt like I was losing parts of me

One at a time

First, it was my thoughts

 Then, it was my courage : my strength

I was losing myself

You know that feeling

When you’re falling apart

And you’re trying hard not to cry

And your cheeks start to burn

That’s how it felt : Everywhere

You see,

When you’re going through something ,

You need people

People to be there , there for you

But they don’t know how to be

Or what to say

So they say all the wrong things like ‘I understand because I once…’


But you don’t understand

Understand how much it hurt :

To have no control

To smile when you’ve had enough and

To want to end it all .

In short , it gets better because there’s no glory without a story .

Remember  : ‘The Lord will fight for you , you need only be still .‘ Exodus 14:14

Love and Light ,







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