So this week , I decided to change things up and post an outfit ,that I love ,that Sharon (my sister ) wore not so long ago . By the way , the ‘Mapacha Series’ will be back up soon .


For those who have not seen her on the blog before , this is my beautiful twin sister : Sharon. She featured in : MAPACHA SERIES : PART 1 

She has become quite the fashionista though she has taken an interest in hair care so she started a hair vlog on YouTube known as MyKenyanPuff .Please do check her out .DSC_0253







I have styled this kimono before in my first post which you can check out here : BY THE RAIL

 Kimono – JayJays

Dress – Mr. Price

Hat – H&M (Stolen from a friend )

Shoes – Get similar from Toi Market .

I hope you are all enjoying the unpredictable Nairobi weather .

The scriptures were written to teach and encourage us by giving us hope‘ Romans 15:4

Love and Light ,




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