For this week’s second post , I had planned something completely different but I ended up being drawn to something else . (This will be a bit lengthy so please get cosy.)

I will therefore be talking about our education system using my opinion and the opinions from the two other articles I read regarding this subject.

First, I will be sharing Sanna Arman’s opinion.

She first tells a story about how in her final year of her undegrad , she had a presentation that was about 10% of her grade but she had done alright with the other percentage , so she ended up procrastinating and preparing for it two hours before the class.

Being street smart , she was able to summarize all she needed to and ace her presentation . Where the problem comes in is that some of her classmates who had actually taken time to do research months before got lower marks . She continues to say that it is not that she was more knowledgeable but standardisation robbed them and rewarded her . That is what is wrong with our education system , she says .

“We are taught how to pass and not actually taught to learn … We then leave this system and go into the world where a piece of paper determines our next step . Where some of us are celebrated and others are made to feel worthless.”

Second , I will give my friend Stacy Kirui’s opinion.

Her opinion is based on the question ‘What is your ideal education system ?

This was part of her answer :

“There is a Swahili saying,’Chui mfalme hamshindi njiwa katika mbio za mbinguni ‘ which roughly translates to,’ The mighty cheetah is no match for the humble dove in a flying contest.’ You have to know your field . That is where our society fails . That is where our education system fails : by not embracing the different strengths of our children. By not seeing the majestic clarity in our diversity . By appointing an imaginary society of aristocrats and noblemen who dictate a hierachy in professional fields : who dictate that to aspire to be anything else than a lawyer ,doctor or engineer is a disgrace to the honour bestowed on them at birth .

…We must marry the idea that we all have a niche in this wild,wild world. For the global education standard to reach its optimum we must make the system accountable . The system must cater for the varying needs of the learners.”

Lastly , I’ll give my opinion.

My ideal education system is one that caters for everyone both the creatives and analytical. A system with an examination system that isn’t life and death producing a piece of paper that almost determines your whole life . A system that actually teaches life lessons .

Please go ahead and read Sanna’s full article on

Also , please comment and tell me : WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL EDUCATION SYSTEM ?

‘His love gives life ‘ John 10:10

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  1. Touche! Well said. The education systems we have today can only produce true greatness that is true to individuals truth when teaching and schooling begins to come from the understanding that we are all unique beings and can’t be forced and expected to all walk and fit into one shoe size.

    Thank you for sharing this, and for taking the time to read, and share my work too. x

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  2. But we all should know that no matter the change …..the passion behind what you learn is what determines your performance… We can change the system ,,yes! But what good accompanies it?…. If we still have attitude nothing changes….

    But I really love your line of thought ….keep up

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    1. I completely agree with you . If we change the system but we have a negative attitude to education anyway then we accomplish nothing . Thank you for taking time to read this . Have a blessed long weekend 🙂


  3. This is my favourite post so far. Standardisation has robbed many would-be beautiful minds of the opportunity to excel at what they were created to do. I went to school with many talented athletes who could be making millions more than the academics but instead were forced to subordinate their true calling for academics (because we are all destined to do the same thing *eyeroll*). Even the ones who were meant to follow the standard but can not learn it in the standard way are left behind. My own country, Zimbabwe, suffers from the same weaknesses in its education system. That is why I identify so strongly with this post.


    1. Many people loved the post just like you because they feel like they can relate . I’m glad you take time to read my posts . It’s sad that both our systems at the end of the day boil down to standardization but maybe our generation and the generations that follow could try to challenge the system .

      I’ll definitely try and post on more topics like this .
      I’ve missed your posts by the way 😊
      Love and love x


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