Mental Awareness Week: LOVE

Hey Guys,

As you all may or may not know, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week and instead of sharing my own pieces, I’ve decided to share 2 anonymous pieces.

The piece I’m going to share is about love and I think that’s what this week is about: being love and sharing love. The poem is mainly about romantic love but also self love.

Here it goes:

“The night has a thousand eyes

And the day but one;

Yet the light of a whole life dies when love is done.”

I am a firm believer in love

For other people

I believe that fairytales are created and worked on

That blood,sweat and tears are either the signs of a committed relationship or the signs of abuse depending on how you look at it

I know that telling someone that they need to love themselves before they love others is a staggeringly stupid thing to say

Because when people don’t love themselves they often love others to excesses or they hate

But shutting them out of the possibility of it is worse than committing them to death

I know this because JK Rowling made a man that had all the power and intelligence that you could get

Yet the depth of a 40 year long life was just below that of a newborn

Because he didn’t have love

I know this because she made another man that was as average as you can get

But the love in his life made him so much better than most, so much stronger

I know this because all love does is make things bearable

It doesn’t claim to be a miracle cure but it makes suffering so much tolerable

It might not seem like much but anyone who’s looked into themselves in the place where they will always be alone knows that that place isn’t meant to be everywhere in your life

The edge of existence is a bad place to try and build a home

No one can live there and live in peace.

Remember to “Serve one another in love.” Galatians 5:13

Love and Light,





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