Hey Guys,

So I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent with the blog for the past one and a half months or so. I’m also aware that I kept saying I thought I was back on days I got the chance to post and now I feel as if I owe you guys an explanation. A number of you have been saying they were waiting for fashion updates and kept inquiring when the next post would be up and I’m grateful for all the time you guys take to read the blog.


Basically, as mentioned in an earlier post, I just joined university. For the first month, I was able to balance the blog and my social life in general with school but as the semester got more rigorous, this became harder. As mentioned in the post here, I decided that a fresh start meant new beginnings and a second chance. I decided that I would not waste time deliberating whether or not to joining things that spark my interest. Based on that resolution, after evaluating my options, I decided to apply and try out something new which I actually got accepted for(It’s kind of a big deal). This required a lot of hard work and sacrifice which despite being prepared for, made me lose sight of anything that was not school work. For this reason, a lot of things in my life changed mainly my social interactions and that’s when I disappeared from the blog.

When I finally realized all this was happening, I tried to get a grip of things and then became a bit more present. By the time I noticed, so much had changed and I was just overwhelmed but I’m finally getting back on track and I’m back on the blog now. I have a lot of content in store for you guys and if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see more of, please feel free to comment or direct message (DM) me on Instagram (__littlebutterfly).

Now that I’ve realized how busy school will be, I’ve been able to consciously strive to  strike a balance and that means living now and enjoying each moment as it comes. It also means not taking everything too seriously. I am however grateful to have learnt from this experience. Now I can truly enjoy the balance of doing two things that I enjoy doing and be happy.This will be a continuous learning experience and as I grow from these experiences, I will continue to choose happiness.


Also, as we move closer to the one year blog anniversary (time really flies!), I’m thinking of making some changes to the blog. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to let me know as well (preferably by DM).

On the content to expect for the remaining part of the month, seeing as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, expect a lot of pink and self love.

Photography by Mavo GG (mavo__gg on Instagram).

“Seek Peace and Pursue it.” Psalm 34:14

Be love and Be light,




  1. I am going to my fourth year in the university and I am also a medical student that does not me I do not blog although I found it hard at first and deleted my first blog. But the secret to balancing is great time management and priority.

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