Hey guys! I know I've been constantly disappearing and reappearing on the blog saying that I'm back. I've been a bit detached from the blog and I feel that its because I've outgrown it and need to get a new look for it. Considering that its been one year of blogging this month, there are … Continue reading UPDATE



Hey Guys, So I know I've been pretty inconsistent with the blog for the past one and a half months or so. I'm also aware that I kept saying I thought I was back on days I got the chance to post and now I feel as if I owe you guys an explanation. A … Continue reading IV

Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Must Read !

Ode to Life and its Lessons


Dear Mr. Schneider,
I attended your elementary
School almost thirty years ago
And I’m very sure that
You will remember

My name is Suzy.
I’m that hyperactive girl
From the Egyptian family
Who used to always play dead
On the playground during

You used to keep me
After school a lot,
And then my father would
Force me to make the long
Walk home in the cold or rain.
Sometimes I would arrive
After dark.

I’m writing to tell you
That I was bored as a kid.
I was bored by your curriculum
And the way I was always taught a
Bunch of useless

I did not like being locked up
In a prison of scheduled time
Learning about irrelevant material,
And watching belittling cartoons and
Shows approved by academia that
Made me even more

As a kid
Who was constantly
Growing, evolving…

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