Hey Guys! I hope y'all are doing great. I'm back today with a pretty simple look and I hope you'll enjoy it. It's a very beautiful magenta shift dress that's perfect for a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon that I styled very simply. Enjoy scrolling through the pictures. For a while now, a lot of … Continue reading BECOMING



Hey Guys! So the last post got a pretty positive response and I'm glad that a bunch of you liked the personal touch I added to it. They'll be a lot more of that up on the blog from now on and I hope you'll enjoy it. Today's post is all about yellow and for … Continue reading JAUNE


Hey Guys, I know its been a while since I shared some of my writing on here so I decided to share two brief pieces that I was prompted to write a while ago. In the spirit of Valentine's day, they are both about love. The first is a succinct answer to the question 'How … Continue reading THE ‘WHAT’ AND ‘HOW’