Hey Guys! I hope y'all are doing great. I'm back today with a pretty simple look and I hope you'll enjoy it. It's a very beautiful magenta shift dress that's perfect for a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon that I styled very simply. Enjoy scrolling through the pictures. For a while now, a lot of … Continue reading BECOMING



Hey Guys, I'm back! I'm happy to be back on here despite how much I enjoyed my little hiatus. I know it was abrupt, like most of my hiatus this year have been and I'm really sorry. Life just happened really fast and I decided to just pause and figure everything else out. During this … Continue reading LAUGH


Hey Guys, My good friend, Wambui, and I decided to collaborate and come up with two different denim looks for you. Our outfits were both centered around denim dresses: hers was a shift dress while mine was a dungaree. We each styled our dresses in two ways: a sporty casual look and a more girly … Continue reading D FOR DENIM