Hey Guys,

I recently decided to get back on Facebook and this was motivated by one of my friends who recently asked if I was on Facebook then went ahead to friend me. So when I went to accept the request, I decided to scroll down the timeline and I came across a ton of amazing videos which got me hooked! Personally, I’m not able to handle all the social media sites but I make a very determined effort to be active on Instagram so I’ve only been able  to go on Facebook once a week.

So where was this story going? Well, one of the videos I came across was about ditching the label of perfectionism everyone seeks or puts across on social media. * This video and a conversation with a friend, got me thinking about the high standards of perfection people who put themselves in the limelight, at risk of public scrutiny, face.


This got me thinking about the image I portray on here and concluded that through my poetry, you see my imperfections so are able to humanize me.  This made me reflect on how sometimes we, me included, as a fangirl, follower or reader, expect the celebrity or blogger we follow to make no mistakes and when they do, we persecute them for this. We forget that beyond the glitz and glam, they are human just as we are with flaws and faults. We forget that just like us, life isn’t always rosy but sometimes its gray.

So next time, let’s remember this before we make a comment about that blogger that took a month’s hiatus which may be triggered by personal reasons or that celebrity that made a huge mistake because they are just as human as we are.

Please do enjoy the photos which have a few edits that can be used to depict situations where either the inside is grey and the outside is rosy or when the inside is doing great no matter the outside. I hope you enjoyed this little chit-chat and got to know me a little.




*Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality

“All things work together for good.” Romans 8:28

Be love and be light,

Michelle Malonza.



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