Hey Guys!

Lately, the message of self-love has been predominant and that’s been great because how we love ourselves teaches others how to love us and loving ourselves enables us to love others. Today however,  I’ll be talking a little about interpersonal love: love for and with others.

As much as I believe in the great importance of self-love, I think that we are social creatures who require other people to be there for us and to love us. This is something that I personally have to constantly remind myself – that it’s okay to need other people or want them to be there for you. If you’re anything like me, then you’re naturally inclined to be everyone’s person and sometimes, forget to let other people be there for you. This post is for you:

Let other people be there for you, let them love you and let them care for you.

A part of my chosen few: they are so beautiful right?

This doesn’t mean that you let everyone in but have the chosen few who help you get through things and it doesn’t have to be through actually vocalizing issues but maybe just their mere presence. Sometimes people carry things and messages for us that we don’t know we need yet so let them be your blessing, your healing, your miracle.











Dress- Gift

Rings- Forever 21

Lippie- Ruby Woo by MAC

Remember: “For Him we move, live and exist.” Acts 17:28

Be love and light,

Michelle Malonza.





  1. I agree 100%. I tend to believe that I’m good on my own, and I don’t need anyone else; but there’s nothing wrong with opening up to people. We do need others.
    Thank you for this! x

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  2. I totally disagree with the idea that we have forgotten about loving one another. If i was in heaven today without dreams to chase and loads of crazy responsibilities to take care of. I would do all that people regard to as loving. This economy however only allows me to busy up and work for my society, family and future and as for the little time left, i do my own thing. Now am i NOT LOVING???????


    1. Hi,
      I didn’t say or imply that it had been forgotten but I said that the message has been predominantly one of self love & at the time I wanted to speak on interpersonal love. Thank you however for voicing your opinion.


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