Hey Guys!

Yessss, I’m back with another post this week. However, today I have a poem to share. I know its been a few months since I shared anything like this on here but I have been writing, a lot in fact. April being National Poetry Month, I’ve been trying to write more or less daily together with my friend Stacy. (She’s doing a thread of her poems on her Twitter: @stacykirui)

Today’s piece is about healing: allowing yourself to embrace the lows, allowing yourself to be soft.


Teach me how to heal:

To embrace my mess, to let you go.

To mend my brokenness and make someone else my person.

Teach me that this is non-linear and this means time.

Teach me that the feeling of sad and tired will suddenly overcome me in the midst of conversation and that it’ll be okay for me to use tears to rinse you off.

Teach me to be okay with the memories of you, the places attached to you and all the things that remind me of you.

Teach me that after a number of good days there’ll be a bad day, and on this day, the healing will hit the rocks. The darkness will return.

Teach me not to be ready for this,

Not to be strong for this but to stay soft. To let myself mourn him. To break and piece myself back together again. To learn from this. Teach me to mend: to heal.

(Pictures sourced from Pinterest)

Also, please feel free to comment or DM me and let me know if you’d like to see more of my pieces.

Remember: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Be love and be light,





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