Hey Guys!

Today I’ll be sharing prose by one of my friends who would prefer to remain anonymous. The piece is about wanderlust a.k.a. the intense desire to travel and see the world. It’s different from the pieces I usually share but travel is definitely something I enjoy and I’m sure many of you do as well. Please do enjoy reading this piece- its beautiful, short and sweet.

I want to be big… I want to see the world without the world seeing me… dive deep into oceans and emerge on mountain tops with snow staining my view… walk deserts until I am lost among vast forests… make love to the nights and date the daytime… I want the world to give up its hidden treasures to me and I’ll give up my being in exchange and a relationship of self will occur with the depth of an ocean and the passion with which a tornado dances among homes kissing the earth and leaving red lipstick stains in its wake. 

My Type.

Remember that,” When the time is right, I will make it happen.” Isaiah 60:22

Be Love and Be Light,




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