Hey guys,

I hope your week has been good. Today I’ll be sharing a piece written by a friend. I’ve shared their work before here. So I’ll keep it short today and I hope you enjoy the piece.

Dear woman, woman up for the wo that comes before the man is synonymous to the war that you will fight….but unlike a gun, when you fire you give and not take life
Your love for him does not make you weaker you give without receiving….your strength immeasurable
How dare he call you clingy while you act as his life jacket
Keeping him afloat with your love
Dear woman woman up because to take flight is to find a higher purpose than being in economy when giving first class love to a bus driver flying a plane.

Remember, “God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life.” Romans 8:28

Be Love and Be Light,





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