Hey guys!

This year I’ve found myself wearing a lot more all black than I usually wear. When a friend pointed this out, I decided that instead of forcing myself to brighten up my outfits, I’d find interesting ways of spicing up the outfits. I’ve done this in two main ways: wearing interesting accessories and/ or mixing different textures of black. In today’s post I did both.

Regarding accessories, I wore these beautiful tassel earrings to liven the top half of my outfit. Lately, this year especially, I’ve been drawn to wearing more interesting earrings this includes hoops and all the different shapes and sizes earrings are coming in nowadays. Besides the earrings, bags have always been a very important accessory for me and for this look, I went with this beautiful purple bag with a silver chain to match my belt and the stud at the beginning of my earrings.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Considering I was leaving for the evening, I knew I needed to be warm but instead of wearing a basic pair of stockings, I decided to go with these interesting tights I call ‘transition tights’. I coined this name for them because of how they transition from opaque to a strip of sheer then back to opaque tights- just the perfect amount of edge! I didn’t want to dull the outfit by pairing it with flats and because I’d be going out for a garden dinner then I decided to wear these ankle high shiny boots. They are so classy and I just love them especially the little details like the strip of silver on the little heel and the transition from suede to leather from my ankle to foot.



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As you can see from the picture, the suede cropped jacket with the fringe detail blended perfectly into the look which was all cotton. The jacket took the outfit to the next level: not only because of the material but also because of the cropped style and the silver detail from which the fringe detail came from.

When wearing an all black outfit that you want to spice up a little, balance is key. Whether you decide to do different shades of black or textures or accessorize, make sure you don’t take away from the simplicity and class of an all black outfit by overdoing it. Moderation is key and even if you decide to apply all of the tips to add some pizzazz,  make sure the whole look comes together as one.


Tank Top- Mr. Price

Skirt- Forever 21

(You can get similar skirts from Tandy Antique Closet- Instagram)

Cropped Jacket- Forever 21

Tassel Earrings-


Shoes- Mocca

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Be Kind and Be Courageous,







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