Hey Guys,

I’m finally back with the Mapacha Series. If you’re a new reader , then you can click here to look at the most recent post in this segment. This time, Sharon and I decided to go with monochrome outfits with a dash of pink to break the monochrome. As always, this was done with respect to our personal styles. I hope you enjoy this post and are inspired to try similar looks.


A few tips for styling a monochrome look would be to wear different textures of the same color in order to add some pizzazz to your outfit as well as wearing the darker shade of the color on the parts of the body you don’t want to draw attention to. I hope you find these tips helpful when trying out a monochrome look.

Sharon went with lace and a cotton fitting skirt while I went with a simple little black dress. I broke my monochrome outfit with my tan gladiator sandals and a beaded necklace while Sharon went with an Ankara half coat.

Photography by Wangari.









Sharon’s Outfit:

Lace top & half coat -Tailor made.

Skirt- Mr. Price

Jewellery -Kipato Unbranded.

My outfit:

Dress- Mr.Price

Beaded Necklace- Maasai Market.

Gladiator Sandals- Dumond.

Remember: “The pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.” Romans 8: 18

Have a joy filled month!

Be love and Be light,

Michelle Malonza.



  1. The emotional depth of your poems makes you sound like a female Jesus plus you always seem to have something nice to say, you should listen to a song called “the only way out”by Andra day I’m sure you’d also appreciate her depth


      1. I don’t even know what a female Jesus is I just thinking of a good person and that’s the first name that came to mind and yeah I was listening to her while reading your posts, it sooths them make sure by days end you listen I will ask how it was 😁


  2. Did you manage to implete your ears with andra hehehe😂 that’s Latin for “fill” cause I’m like a doctor prescribing excellence and you know what happens when doctors get angry..????????? They lose their patients 😁 get it?


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