Hey Guys!

A few weeks ago, Sharon (my twin) and I went for Craving Yellow’s Meet and Greet with a few friends. (If you don’t know her, by the end of this post I’m sure you’ll get a glimpse, stop living under a rock and check out her Instagram which will then lead you to her blog) She is not only a ball of sunshine on her blog but also in person.IMG_4459

She is so warm and real about everything and I definitely learned a bunch from her. I think for someone like her, with an 85k following on her social media, you imagine that all there is, is this great finished project but after actually listening to her speak, you learn that there’s way more to it. She’s her own photographer and editor of all those amazing pictures that you’ve already seen or will see on her Instagram after this. Also she mentioned that she pulls all nighters weekly to get up all the content we so covetously admire on her different platforms.IMG_4464

Where am I going with all of this? I think that in this generation of perfection displayed on social media, it’s easy to forget about the process and all the hard work it takes to get there, especially for successful creators who we look up to. Not only do we forget this about online creators but also our friends. Case in point is when you have friends with whom you’re at different stages in life. Usually, it may be hard to understand that a friend who’s reached their season of happiness and rebirth (commonly referred to as glow up)  had to go through that season of pain that you’re currently in to get where they are.

Me, Wambui of http://www.thetaimana.com & Sharon of My Kenyan Puff.

So the point of this post is to remind us to not only humanize our friends but also our role models- the people we look up to. Remember that neither the finished product got there overnight nor did your friends’ happiness or success. I hope this also serves as a reminder to trust the process as well as be patient with it. Don’t rush your growth, take a day at a time, a breath at a time. You won’t get to your goal all at once so put in the work, celebrate the small milestones and be patient.IMG_4489

“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off excellent.”

I love this blurry picture of us- this is us in our element. By the way, I hope you noticed our very intentional effort to match.



Crop top- Forever 21

Dress- Mr. Price (old)

“Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” James 1:2

Be love and Be light,




  1. Girl *insert black american tone*, preach some more.Funny thing is how i am also saying yes to things that scare me and remembering how no one starts off at excellence as you mentioned above.


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