Hey Guys,

So I’m back with another post for this week-feeling so focused right now. As promised, I’ll be sharing my piece from the collaboration with my friend,Cindy, from the previous post: BECOMING SELF


I decided to include some pictures, that I was gonna post on my Instagram, on here because I really liked the outfit even if the photos weren’t so clear, please do enjoy them as well as the poem. My piece is about loving your body especially on the days it feels like everything is wrong with it and it feels easy to pick on each and every blemish.

Sometimes this skin feels too foreign,

This heart feels too heavy

And these flaws too big to love.

And on these days, I whisper to that stretched skin, that little pooch (aka food baby),

that mending heart and all those little insecurities saying:

“Today, of all days, I must try to love you. I will try to love you – these parts that are works in progress, that are hard to love. Not only for me, but also for them. To show them the kind of love I deserve: to show them how to love me- on the days I am hard to love, on the days I don’t feel like.”



Off the shoulder sweater top- Mr. Price

White distressed jeans- River Island

Bag- Thierry Mugler

Choker- Gift

Flats- Woolworths

“With His love, He will calm all your fears.” Zephaniah 3:17

Be love and Be light,




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