Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while but life’s just been busy and happening way too fast. However, I’m back now and with a new post so please do stick around.

Today, I’ll be sharing a poem written by one of my very close friends, Jo. It’s a very relatable piece and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it because I love it! If you’d like see some more of her pieces, feel free to comment or just like the post.


Spend some time idealising people,
Place them on pedestals,
Then slowly start to wonder
If there is someone
Somewhere out there,
In this too-big world doing the same for you-
Writing endlessly,
Draping poetry over your shoulders,
And crowning you with prose.
Is it so wrong to want to be
Immortalised in ink?
To have your delicate laugh and husky voice
Penned on paper for years to come?
She wants someone, someday
To meet her and think
She is worthy of such immortality;
The salty caramel of her skin,
The dull brown sparkle of her eyes,
The dusty pink of her lips,
The slight curve of her hips,
The moles scattered across her back like stars,
The roadmaps sketched across her
Like contour lines on this map of flesh,
The arch of her ballet bent feet,
Even her crooked teeth…
Preserve her
In this linguistic sarcophagus.

Remember “He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Be Love and Light,



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