We all have to start somewhere if us want to do better, and our own self is what us have to hand.

– The Color Purple

So this is me doing better and finally returning to my little corner of the internet. While there a several justifiable reasons why I’ve been away for so long, I won’t go into them. What matters is I’m back now and this time, to stay. I have missed writing and writing consistently about things I think and care about. Admittedly, I have also thought of you, the reader, and our interactions in this space, several times in the year I’ve been away.

A lot can change in a year as is evidenced by the world’s current state. In your 20s especially, I tend to believe that patterns and behaviour evolve a lot more and faster. So as I get back to the groove of things here and welcome you back to this space, I thought it prudent to start with the Finding Rest series in the format of a ‘taking stock’ post to touch base.

Making: Time for the multitude of things I’m interested in, this being top of that list.
Cooking: Vegetable fried rice with my family.
Drinking: A four o’clock cup of ginger tea more often.
Reading: More than one recreational book at a time and enjoying them incredibly. I started with Hiding In Plain Sight and I’m currently reading Love in the Time of Cholera. I’m completely immersed in the latter so I’m more likely to finish it before picking up the former again.
Wanting: To take more walks outside.
Looking: Forward to having a more established routine in the coming weeks.
Playing: Matt Ngesa and Look What You Did by Emma Cheruto on repeat.
Wishing: I documented more conversations and memorable moments I’ve had with people I deeply love and care about. The detail in which I’d like to remember some of these experiences are not as clear as they would be immortalised in words, video, audio or pictures of specific moments. Although, I’ll admit that some of the best parts of experiences may only be lived in the moment not to be revisited in their entirety.
Enjoying: All the Instagram live sessions lately by my favorite artists. Also enjoying listening to podcasts as part of my daily routine. My current favorite is Not Overthinking by Ali & Taimur Abdaal.
Waiting: To see what life looks like after this pandemic. Is it possible that we’ll revert to factory settings as if none of this happened?
Liking: Spending less time on my phone now that I have what feels like a lot more time on my hands.
Wondering: What success looks like to me, why and what kind of life I want for myself in the long run.
Loving: The process of brewing a cup of coffee in the morning.

Hoping: I’ll learn a lot more discipline in the coming weeks and create more space for the things I care for.
Marvelling: At the brilliance of the academic literature I’ve been interacting with.
Needing: To be more intentional about making time for my creative outlets.
Smelling: Dettol eventone Soap. I enjoy the luxurious scent of cleanliness I get after using it.
Wearing: A lot more loungewear and activewear now that we’re practicing social distancing.
Following: Writers and poets more closely to keep hopeful and inspired.
Noticing: How similar Sharon, my twin sister, and I are.
Knowing: That trying my hand at something is the only way to fail, succeed or perfect and so I must just try.
Thinking: About how much more bearable life is because of art.
Feeling: A myriad of emotions and allowing it because I have time. I also promised myself I’d do a better job at working through my feelings and making it priority to do so. So I’m making more time for this: allowing and going through the process.
Bookmarking: Articles to read in my free time.
Opening: My Twitter more often than I’d like to in a day.
Giggling: At all the videos on twitter of children baking and cooking.

I hope you feel more comfortable in this space now that I’ve brought you up to speed. I’d love to hear from you. What do you consider your most interesting answers to some of the above prompts? Do share them below and feel free to give me feedback on your experience of anything I’ve mentioned or recommendations based on the mentions given.

Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight

Psalm 94:19

Be Kind and Have Courage,




  1. Hurray to a new post. Not Overthinking is one of my favourite podcasts too, Michelle! Yay! I will definitely rave about it when I see you next. Keep safe ❤


  2. Welcome back!
    Marveling: At the knowledge base I’m building in my practice areas as a result of the pandemic (it’s been phenomenal)
    Thinking: How fragile everything about this mortal life is and swearing to a different approach if I survive this
    Feeling: A myriad of emotions too, I go through the range of them – I bet it’s the anxiety of all that is happening but I’m coping.
    Wanting: To breath and be assured that my family, friends and colleagues will all survive this.
    Cooking: I’ve found comfort in white sauce pasta and I can’t help it.

    Thanks for this!


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