Hey Guys,

I hope you’re all doing well and for those who love and/or celebrate Christmas, y’all are counting down and getting into the festive season.  Today the 2017 lesson I’ll be talking about is all the places I found healing that I didn’t think I could or that I didn’t think would heal me as much as they did.

My 2017, as evident from my blogposts, has been a year of a lot of growing and mending. This year I was reminded of the healing power of music- that music truly heals, soothes, mends, understands. That music, words, poetry and all these art forms healed me this year was a true reminder of how powerful creating is. How you can touch someone on a completely different side of the world and make them feel understood, human without ever knowing them. This healing art gave me this year pushed me to create more, to keep doing this and to truly value all the effort that goes into content creation.

This year, I also found healing in being outside. When I have things going on, I mostly retreat into myself and just deal with all of it on my own in my space till I get over it but this year being outside healed me. The minimal travelling I did,  exploring restaurants, appreciating the stars and sun more often healed me. Knowing that there was still so much beauty, so much good despite everything else that I had going on, healed me and I didn’t even realize it was happening.

I found healing in God. Previously, I had never thought about asking or looking for healing in God for certain aspects of my life. I thought about the bigger stuff like health and providence but this year God was at the centre of all of it and gave me peace in the midst of it all.

I hope you guys relate with the lessons I’ve been sharing in the last two weeks. Feel free to comment, DM or Email me to share any lessons you’ve learnt this year or lessons I’ve shared that you relate with. Enjoy scrolling these pictures of the outfit I wore to Blankets & Wine this past weekend.



Romper- Truworths

Jewelry- Kipato Unbranded

Ring- Maasai Market

Shoes- Mr. Price

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Be Love and Be Light,




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