Hey Guys!

This week I have a guest poetry piece for you. The writer is the talented and very beautiful Bamidélé Malaika and if you’d like to see more of her pieces: @ahren_bami on Twitter. The poem is a sort of letter to herself, similar to what I had spoken about in my last post. Please do enjoy reading through and feel free to comment if you’d like to see more guest poets/ poetry collaborations on here.

It’s come to the point where I’ve exhausted my words and anything beyond this wouldn’t be genuine.

We’re not perfect, some days we’re less perfect than others.

We crash, we get angry, we are unstable, we are liars and hypocrites… we are far from the grace that’s within us.

Some mornings I am raspberries and others I am the dried up rind of a lemon peel… an ugly human.

Yet in all this I try, we try.

It’s funny that I should type this… as though I have an audience right here with me.

Here in my satin shorts and under a small chandelier hit by the rays of the sun.

Here as I sit thinking about the sleep I didn’t get last night and as my mother’s perfume wafts into my room.

Here, as I am.

A simple creature with big thoughts and a couple of simple pretty words in her arsenal.

In this breath and moment, with my dishevelled hair and sleepy voice… I am nothing more than Bami and nothing less than…



Remember this: “I chose you. I wanted you. I appointed you. I set you where you are.” John 15:16

Be Love and Be Light,




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