Hey Guys!

Today’s post is a part two of last week’s – where I share another piece by the lovely Bamidélé Malaika.


Understand this, that the state of my mind is reflected everywhere… from burgundies picked over pinks to French vanilla over vibrant citrus

It is my decision to hide under folds of indulgent cashmere rather than to be kissed by smooth satin & silk.

It is in my desire for calla lilies & alstroemerias instead of roses or tulips or baby’s breath

The state of my mind is perhaps painted in this attraction to nostalgia inducing cafés with dark walls & soft lights…

Cafés where I don’t mind sharing my table with the stranger who oh so conveniently smells just like my lover did…

And so I sip on my second cup of spiced tea & laugh, hoping to drown out the memories of my lover’s neck in masala and light conversation…

The state of my mind is reflected in my talking amidst 1,621 people, maybe more, maybe less… I am the mad woman in the market

Serenading myself with all the words my inner goddess wants to hear, wants to write…

The state of my mind has channeled into my more Parisian side tonight, but less carefree & without her glass of Château Rayas…

Tonight she sits cross legged hunched over a journal on her balcony in Provence wondering why she feels less than a star…

But morning will come with better for this state of mind.


Remember that,” In Him all things  hold together.” Colossians 1:17

Be Love and Be Light,



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