Hey Guys!

I hope y’all are doing great. I’m back today with a pretty simple look and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s a very beautiful magenta shift dress that’s perfect for a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon that I styled very simply. Enjoy scrolling through the pictures.

For a while now, a lot of things have been changing in my life and I’ve been in a sort of transition. Many fresh starts and a lot of discovery, self discovery. Part of this discovery was done when I stopped writing for a while to figure some things out. Even though it was hard, I eventually got used to writing everything in my head then letting it go. I’m back at it again now and it’s harder getting back to it now but I have so much to write about and I hope to share some of these thoughts with you for the remaining part of the year.

I’m not opposed to change but I think it’s hard. It’s hard because it’s different- when you get used to something, you get comfortable and anything else feels unfamiliar and unwanted. I think this transition has taught me how to be comfortable with the middle. The grey. The uncertainty.

It’s reminded me that I can be happy and sad, somewhere between okay and not okay. I can be the rain and the flowers.

That that’s what the middle is. It’s indefinite and it’s progress. It’s soft, again. It’s change and I’m finally okay with wherever this, whatever this is. However long it takes, I will be strong in my soft. I will love my way through it. I will be gentle.


If you in any way resonate with the words here, I hope I was your reminder that it’s okay to be grey, indefinite and in the middle. I hope I reminded you to hold yourself together as tight as you can, to give yourself some credit for how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown.




Lippie- Violetta by MAC


This is my mantra during this transition and I hope it means something to you:

“I am slowly learning what it means to be human. What it means to make mistakes and learn from them. What it means to be both happy and sad at the same time. I am slowly learning how to do the damn work. How to stop running from what is heavy and uncomfortable in my life. How to take the easy route less and less. How to grow myself, how to be a better person. But most of all, I am slowly learning how to just be, in this moment. How to exist. How to understand that I cannot control life, that I can only experience it in both its light and its dark stages. I am slowly learning how to laugh and cry and feel through it all, how to welcome the confusion and joy that comes with loving, and living, and breaking. I am slowly learning how to accept where I am. I am slowly learning how to simply believe in the person I am becoming.”

-Bianca Sparacino

Dress– Woolworths

Shoes– Woolworths 

“But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me.” 2 Timothy 4:17

Be Love and Be Light,




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